The Notebook of Archie Goodwin (1975)
'The Notebook of Archie Goodwin'. 

Archie Goodwin was born on 8 September 1937, and became a successful American comic book writer. Early in his career he also did some other types of artwork. He started out as an assistant to Leonard Starr on 'Mary Perkins on Stage'. Goodwin also drew for Fishing World magazine and he worked as chief editor of Redbook magazine. In 1962, he joined Harvey Comics, where he drew 'Hermit'.

Sinner, by Archie Goodwin

Afterwards, he joined Warren Publishing, where he started focusing on writing scenarios. From 1963, Goodwin wrote numerous stories for artists like Al Williamson, Joe Orlando, Gray Morrow and Neal Adams, which are published in Eerie and Creepy. From then on, his list of credits grows and grows. Archie Goodwin wrote for King Features Syndicate ('Secret Agent X-9' for Al Williamson and 'Captain Kate' for Hale and Jerry Skelly), Marvel ('Sub-Mariner', 'Fantastic Four', 'Iron Man', etc) and D.C. ('Batman').

from Fishing World, by Archie Goodwin (1950s)
'Fishing World'. 

Archie Goodwin became a chief editor at Marvel in 1975. He was responsible for the comic adaptations of 'The Empire Strikes Back' and the daily 'Star Wars' strip, which he took over from Russ Manning. He set up the Marvel Graphic Novel series, Epic Illustrated magazine, and the Epic Comics imprint while at Marvel. Goodwin died on 1 March 1998.

Video Jack, by Archie Goodwin
'Video Jack'. 

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