El Pirata Barbudín, by José Gorris Guillot
El Pirata Barbudín (notice the resemblance to Remacle's 'Vieux Nick')

The Valencian artist José Gorris Guillot contributed to children's magazines Pumby, Jaimito and Selecciones de Jaimito, published by Valenciana, often teaming up with Grema. In the 1960s, he contributed the underwater adventures of fish 'Coralito' and other ones featuring 'El Corsario Barbudín' to Pumby. For Jaimito and Selecciones de Jaimito he did such series as 'Heliodoro Vendelotodo', 'Difumino Carboncillo', 'Los Hermanos Peluquín', 'Don Paulino y su Sobrino Ceferino', 'Pacorro', 'Liborio', 'Montana Joe' and 'Pim, Pam, Pum'.

Coralito, by Jose Gorris Guillot

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