Henri-Georges Midi by Christian Goux
Henri-Georges Midi

Christian Goux is a French comic author, whose oeuvre has a strong emphasis on historical and educational comics for children. After earning a degree in Roman archaeology, Goux drew his first comics for Haga magazine, 'Paul et Léon' and two erotic stories. He also contributed to Submarine, and launched the review Podium with Claude François.

Pistil cover by C. GouxFripounet cover by C. Goux

He created two books with the character 'Saucisson Smith' for Éditions Garnier in 1976, and reintroduced the character in Tintin magazine in 1979. He eventually became chief editor of the French version of Tintin. He set up sections like Tintin Story and Les Archives de Moulinsart, both about the work of Hergé. For Tintin, he also scripted the 'Harry Plaxon' strips that were drawn by François Dimberton.

Story about Paris for Pif #829

After additional appearances in magazines Spirou ('Claquenouille'), Les Visiteurs du Mercredi ('Sibor et Bora'), Lili-Aggie ('Fairizette et Grobizou') and Pistil ('Croque-Béton'), Goux created the funny animal series 'Manivelle et le Camélécamion' for Pif in 1979. He then contributed to Mikado and began an association with the publishing house Fleurus.

Manivelle by Goux

For Fripounet magazine, he created 'Kim Play le Détective Volant' (1984-85) and took over the title strip, 'Fripounet et Marissette' with scripts by Didier Convard. With Convard, he also made 'Henri-Georges Midi' in Gullivore and in a series of albums published by Glénat. He made two books of the children's series 'La Chanson de Signale' for Dargaud in 1993 and 1994.

Avec St. Louis by Christian Goux
Avec St. Louis

Although his graphic style was at first caricatural, it has evolved into semi-realism with a Clear Line approach throughout the years. Since the second half of the 1990s, Goux has specialized in creating historical comics, often about cities and regions. For Le Téméraire, he wrote 'D'Antipolis à Antibes' in 1996 (art by J.C. Cassini) and 'Il était une fois Bagnols sur Cèze et sa région' in 1999 (artwork by Paul Glaudel). He participated in a collective book with artists from Boulogne and has made several books for Éditions du Triomphe. He worked with Louis-Bernard Koch on 'Avec Saint-Louis' (2010) and 'Césaire d'Arles' (2013), and created children's book about the First World War with Guy Lehideux in 2014.

Les Chandefouille by Goux
Les Chandefouille

Goux has been a regular artist for the educational children's magazines of Éditions Faton since 1997. He made an extensive section about the history of arts in comics format Le Petit Léonard from 1997, and he creates the gag series about a family of archaeologists, 'Les Chandefouille', for Arkéo Junior since 1998. He has also made comic adaptations of books by Alfred Jarry, Jules Renard, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Edgar Allan Poe for Virgule magazine. His adaptation of Jules Verne's 'Facing the Flag' ('Le Fulgurateur Roch' at Ed. Regards, 2012) can be considered a tribute to Edgar P. Jacobs. Between 1997 and 2002, he also made crowded drawings for spreads in Hachette's Winnie magazine.

Le Fulgurateur Roch
Le Fulgurateur Roch


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