The Prime Minister, by Carsten Graabæk

Carsten Graabæk studied English and Danish at the Aarhus University before he became a teacher of English during the 1970s. In 1982, he sent a continuing comic strip named 'Aftenlandet' ('The Occident') to a press agency in Copenhagen, where the possibilities in Graabæk's work were immediately recognized. The same year, he came up with 'Statsministeren' ('The Prime Minister') which has been syndicated to the entire world ever since. In this newspaper strip, Graabæk cleverly satirizes the powers that be, and their ineptitude, in a typical modern European democracy. In 1984, Graabæk created a color strip called 'Kenny & Sue', which was about a mother/child relationship.

In 1990, Graabæk received the Danish comics award Ping, appropriately from the hands of the prime minister, Poul Schlüter.

The Prime Minister, by Carsten Graabæk

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