Secret Agent X-9, by Mel Graff (1945)
'Secret Agent X-9' (1945).

Melvin Graff drew his first illustrations for The Tatler, the paper of the West Technical High School of Cleveland, Ohio. In the early 1930s he started out at the Newspaper Enterprise Association, where he became an assistant at the graphic studios. In 1934 he moved to New York, where he drew the comic 'The Adventures of Patsy' for Associated Press.

The Adventures of Patsy by Mel Graff
'The Adventures of Patsy' (1940).

Six years later, Mel Graff succeeded Austin Briggs on the 'Secret Agent X-9' series. Mel Graff drew this police comic until 1960. It was syndicated in 130 newspapers, including several Spanish-language papers in South America, Cuba and Mexico.

Colgate advertisement, by Mel Graff (1948)
Colgate advertisement (1948).

After his retirement in 1960, Mel Graff remained active. He did some jobs for the advertising field and even took on the Sunday page of the 'Wash Tubbs' series, originally created by Roy Crane in 1924, which he drew until 1969. He also drew the Sunday Strip of 'Captain Easy', originally created by Roy Crane and written by Leslie Turner.

He was an influence on Gérald Forton.

Secret Agent X-9, by Mel Graf 1948
'Secret Agent X-9' (1948).

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