by Mihai Ionut Grajdeanu

Mihai Grajdeanu was born in Mangalia. He has been drawing since his childhood and at age 19 he began working on his first comics project with writer Luca Dinulescu, 'Istoria alternativa a literaturii romane' ('Alternative History of Romanian Literature'). He subsequently published 'Dupa Gratii', the first comic book aimed at prison inmates, as well as the first installment of his football graphic novel 'Ciutanul' with publisher Dacica. This publisher also released his next book 'Legendele dacilor liberi - Piatra sacra'.

Dupa Gratii by Mihai Grajdeanu
Dupa Gratii

He made a comic adaptation of Ion Caragiale's play 'O scrisoare pierduta' on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the playwright's death in 2012. He then continued to work on the next installment in his 'Ciutanul' trilogy. Mihai Grajdeanu also makes caricatures and portraits during events, supports creative workshops and participate in various exhibitions, shows, competitions and collective projects, such as 'The Book of George', a compendium of Romanian comic art.

by Mihai Ionut Grajdeanu

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