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'Orpheus and Euridice', from the Greek series of 'Classics Illustrated' (mid-1950s).

Alkmini Grammatopoulou is a Greek painter, designer and art professor, who also worked for the Greek edition of the 'Classics Illustrated' series during the 1950s.

Early life
She was born in 1933 in Athens as Alkmini Nikolaidou in Athens. In 1953, she married the Greek poster artist and painter Costas Grammatopoulos, and has gone by her married name Alkmini Grammatopoulou (Αλκμήνη Γραμματοπούλου) since then. Later, in 1959, she was one of her husband's pupils at the Superior School of Fine Arts in Athens.

Classics Illustrated
Just like her husband, she was also a contributor to the Greek editions of the 'Classics Illustrated' comic books ('Κλασσικά Εικονογραφημένα'), published by the Atlantis publishing house of Giorgos Pechlivanidis. The Greek line of this American comic book series with adaptations of literary classics was launched in 1951, with translations by Vassilis Rotas. From October 1953 until the early 1960s, the translated issues were supplemented with locally produced installments, presenting tales from Byzantine/Greek history and ancient mythology in comic book format. Alkmini Grammatopoulou is known for drawing at least the 173rd installment, dealing with the classic tale of 'Orpheus and Eurydice'.

Grammatopoulou was mostly known for her paintings of women figures. Lena Katsarou-Kokkini, one of Greece's leading art experts, called Alkmini Grammatopoulou's artwork well recognized "for its stable lines, pure color format, usage of curves". She was additionally a set designer, art professor for the Greek middle school education level, and writer for several art magazines.

'Orpheus and Euridice', from the Greek series of 'Classics Illustrated' (mid-1950s).

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