A Traves del Desierto by Jose Grau
Joyas Literarias Juveniles #22 - A Traves del Desierto

José Grau Hernández was born in Valencia in 1914. He studied at the San Carlos School of Fine Arts in Valencia and was eighteen years old when he started his career working for the magazine KKO, that was published by Enrique Guerri in 1932. He was a pioneer in narrative techniques in the field of Spanish comics with series like 'El as de exploradores' (Guerri, 1934) and 'Los tambores de Fu Manchu' (Valenciana, 1943). In the period following the Spanish Civil War, Grau had an extensive production with serials like 'El Misterioso Doctor Satán' (1943), 'Rostro de cuero' (1945), 'King, el pequeño policía' (1946), 'Tigris el africano' and 'El Capitán Sol' (1948).

Rudy by José Grau
Rudy - Ce qui manquait (Fillette 416, 8 July 1954, France)

In addition, he contributed to magazines like Jaimito, S.O.S., Trampolín and Patoruzito from Argentina. Grau made historical comics about Curro Bravo (Patoruzito, 1954) and Juan León (1954, with F. Amorós), two Spanish bandits during the period of the French domination. José Grau was a specialist in comics featuring girls, such as 'Las hermanas Dionis' and 'Sally', which he created for supplements of newspapers, as well as the stories he drew for magazines Marilo and Sissy.

El Teniente Negro, by Jose GrauEl Teniente Negro, by Jose Grau
El Teniente Negro

Starting in 1962 José Grau worked for Bruguera on series like 'El teniente negro' (1962) and 'El Capitán Trueno' (1968), and on several adaptations of literary classics for the collection Joyas Literarias Juveniles. From the 1960s he also worked extensively for the British market through Bardon Art on war, girls and adventure comics, including the series 'Cathy' (1981). José Grau spent the final years working on a comic called 'El Encubierto de Valencia' (1985-1996), that has remained unpublished.

Juan León, by José Grau
Juan León

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