The True Believer, by Sid Greene
'The True Believer' (Bible Tales for Young Folk #5, March 1954).

Sidney Greene worked as a comic book artist from the 1940s throughout the early 1970s. Initially working through the Funnies Inc. shop, he drew 'Target and the Targeteers' for Novely Comics. He made crime and horror stories for Ace Periodicals and Hillman, and drew 'Fangs', 'Inspector Hunt' and 'Speed Spaulding' for Holyoke. In the 1950s Greene worked on Atlas crime, horror and romance titles like Astonishing Comics, Journey into Unknown Worlds, Love Confessions, Strange Tales and Love Romances. He additionally illustrated romance features for Ziff-Davis, Quality Comics and Orbit Publications. Greene then moved over to DC and inked 'Batman', 'Green Lantern', 'Justice League of America' and 'The Atom', and illustrated stories for House of Mystery, House of Secrets, Secret Hearts, Strange Adventures and The Unexpected.

He should not be confused with the editorial cartoonist Sidney Joseph Greene (1881?-1932), who drew for the New York Evening Telegram and The Evening Post in the 1920s.

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