Insiders, by Paul Grist (Crisis, 1991)

Paul Grist made his debut in comics in 1986, with several self-published comics (such as 'Burglar Bill') and some work published in the magazines Escape and Fox Comics. He worked for several big publishers, such as DC Thomson, Fleetway and Dark Horse. For Fleetway, he drew among others 'Insiders' in Crisis!, and for Dark Horse, he did the mini-series 'Grendel Tales: Devil in Our Midst'. With Grant Morisson, he created 'St. Swithin's Day', published by Trident. He wrote the 'Daily Bugle' series for Marvel. In 1993, he founded his own publishing house, Dancing Elephant Press, where he began his black and white detective series 'Kane'. He also created the retired superhero 'Jack Staff'. Both 'Kane' and 'Jack Staff' were later transferred to Image.

Kane, by Paul Grist

Jack Staff, by Paul Grist

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