Boxer, by Danilo Grossi

Danilo Grossi was an artist from Venice who began his career working for the French pocket books of Lug publishers in 1974. He drew a couple of series for this publishing house, like 'Jayde', about an alien baby who was mysteriously abandoned in the woods near Baltimore. Grossi also illustrated 'Le Chevalier de l'Espace', about an Earthman transported through a spacetime vortex to the planet Oro. There were also the crime-fighting reporter 'Dick Spade', as well as 'Boxer', about the Boxer War.

Jayde, by Danilo Grossi

He was also present on the Italian market with more personal projects, published by Casa Editrice Universo and Eura Editoriale, and in reviews like 1984 and Corrier Boy. He eventually focused on illustrating school books, and cartooning for the press. For La Targa de Leone Marciano, he illustrated the album 'Histoire du Parti Socialiste Italien'.

Chevalier de l'Espace, by Danilo Grossi

the art of Danilo Grossi

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