Capitaine Blood by Groux
Capitaine Blood (L'Intrepide 28-9-49, "2ième annee" #43)

The twin comic artists Willy and Yves Groux were born in Cannes. They studied at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris in 1945-46, before they embarked on a career in comics. They cooperated with Paul Winkler's Donald magazine, for which they made an adaptation of Amédée Achard's 'Les Aventures de Monsieur de la Guerche' in 1947. The Groux brothers subsequently joined Éditions Mondiales, where they created 'Capitaine Risque-Tout' with scriptwriter Jean Prado in the Tarzan comic book. They were also present in L'Intrépide with 'Le Briseur des Banquises', and in collections like Hurrah, Almanach d'Intrépide and 34 Caméra.

Le Briseur des Banquises, by Yves and Willy Groux
Le Briseur des Banquises

Yves and Willy Groux were among the main contributors to the Mondial Aventures collection of the S.P.E. in the 1950s. In this French equivalent of the Classics Illustrated, Groux illustrated titles like 'Le Pirate', 'Les Trois Mousquetaires', 'Guillaume Tell', 'David Copperfield', 'La République des Forbans', and 'Les Ave de Sir Arthur Gordon Pym'.

Capitaine Blood by Groux
Capitaine Blood (L'Intrepide 28-9-49, "2ième annee" #43)

During the 1950s and 1960s, they were additionally present in magazines like Hurrah, Vaillant, Spirou and J2 Jeunes. In the 1980s, they contributed to erotic publications like Neutron, Bédéadult and Sexbulles. With scriptwriter J.M. Perros, Yves Groux made 'Blanche', an album published by Kesserling in 1986.

Blanche, by Yves Groux
Blanche (1986)

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