Visitor, by Ivan Grubanov

Ivan Grubanov is mainly known as a very succesful and innovative visual artist, using computer graphics and video in a distinctive, expressive style. He was born in Former Yugoslavia in 1976, and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade. After graduating in 2001, he did a residency at the Art Academy in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He won several stipends and his work, paintings and photographs as well as video installations, were shown in several international exhibitions. Lesser known about him is the fact that he made comics in the period 1996-97, contributing to Serbian, Belgian and Italian comic magazines. In 2002 and 2003, he attended the trial against Milosevic, "the man who determined my life and identity as Serbian", and made over 200 sketched drawings.

An alternative moon-landing, by Ivan Grubanov

Visitor, by Ivan Grubanov

Testimonies, by Ivan Grubanov

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