'Visionary', story from the comic insert to the Brise-Glace single 'In Sisters All And Felony' (1994).

Dan Grzeca is an American printmaker, illustrator, designer and owner of the Chicago-based fine art screenprinting studio Ground Up Press. In the 1990s, Grzeca was affiliated with SKiN GRAFT Records, making short sequential stories for comic inserts that came with several punk and noise rock record releases.

SKiN GRAFT Records
Coming from Chicago, Illinois, Dan Grzeca studied drawing at the Northern Illinois University, graduating with a BFA in 1990. Shortly afterwards, he became a contributing cartoonist for SKiN GRAFT, the Chicago record label initiated by art school students Mark Fischer and Rob Syers. Focusing on releases by punk, noise and experimental rock bands, SKiN GRAFT added self-published and punk-inspired comix to the inner sleeves of their LP, EP and single releases.

Comic story for the Mount Shasta single 'Nodule' (1993).

Dan Grzeca contributed experimental sequential narratives to several EP's and singles, such as 'Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!' for the 1993 'Autofuck' single by the Japanese band Zeni Geva. For the 'Nodule' single (1993) by the indie hard-rock band Mount Shasta, he provided the artwork to 'I Don't Understand Why This Medication Makes You Such A Beast (A True Tale Of Love In The South'), a story by the band's vocalist/guitarist John Forbes. This was followed by the three-page narrative 'Visionary' for the 'In Sisters All And Felony' single (1994) by the instrumental avant-rock group Brise-Glace. He also did the inside back cover for the 1996 Space Streakings single 'Taco Beya'. Grzeca additionally designed the cover art for the jazz rock album 'Walls in the City' (1994) by The Denison/Kimball Trio. During the same period, Dan Grzeca also released the 'Chop Fold & Grind' anthology series (1994), to which SKiN GRAFT contributor Paul Nitsche also provided artwork.

'Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!' for the 1993 'Autofuck' single by the Japanese band Zeni Geva.

Ground Up Press
Since 1996, Dan Grzeca has been working as an artist and printmaker through his own Ground Up Press studio in Chicago's Lincoln Square district. Using a characteristic scratch-board and pencil drawings technique, Grzeca specializes in fine art screenprints as well as limited edition poster commisions for artists and musicians. Among his many clients are notable names like The Black Keys, Tower Records, U2, Phish, Explosions in the Sky and Alabama Shakes, as well as several local Chicago bands. He has also designed labels for the Hop Butcher for the World brewery, and made illustrations for the Los Angeles-based indie book publisher Hat and Beard Press, as well as the political/cultural magazine The Progressive.

Grzeca has shown his work in galleries throughout the USA and abroad, and participates annually in the SXSW Flatstock art exhibition of the world's most influential and exceptional gig poster artists in Austin, Texas.

Poster for the 'Wilderness' tour by the Texas post-rock band Explosions in the Sky (2016).


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