The Moon Man, by Fred Guardineer

Fred Guardineer was born in Albany, New York. After acquiring his fine arts degree in 1935, he went to New York City and drew for several pulp magazines before joining the Harry "A" Chesler shop in 1936. There he drew adventure features for the Chesler books, such as 'Lobo' and 'Dan Hastings', before beginning his freelance comic book career in 1938.

Tor the Magic Master by Fred Guardineer
Tor the Magic Master (Crack Comics #14, July 1941)

Guardineer worked for Centaur (between 1937 and 1939), National (1937 - 1940, working on the 'Zatara', 'Pep Morgan', and 'Speed Saunders' (written by Gardner Fox)  strips and covers), Marvel (1941), Quality (1941 - 1944, working on the 'Tor', 'Merlin', 'Quicksilver', and 'Marksman' strips), Hillman (1946 - 1947), Eastern, Pines, Gleason (1946 - 1953, working mostly on crime stories), and for Me (1952 - 1955, on 'Durango Kid').

The Moon Man, by Fred Guardineer

Fred Guardineer retired from comics in 1955, at the age of 42, and became a government employee. He moved to San Ramon, California, where he died in 2002.

Big Shot Comics cover, by Fred Guardineer (1941)

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