Confessions d'un puceau by Dav Guedin
'Confessions d'un Puceau'.

Dav Guedin is an author of mainly autobiographical comics, who is based in Paris. He has been working as a graphic designer since 2000. Originally from Normandy, he has worked extensively with his brother Gnot under the joint signature of "Les Frères Guedin". The brothers are authors, illustrators and designers of eccentric French dolls. Dav and Gnot Guedin studied at the High School of Art in Cambrai, after which created the collective site Crazy Dolls.

Art by Dav Guedin
'Apocalipsa 3'.

The Guedin Brothers have built on a joint oeuvre since 2004, starting with 'Les Frères Couillus' at Le Dernier Cri. Several books filled with rather weird, dark and filthy humor followed, until Éditions Charrette released three retrospectives between 2009 and 2012. Among their other notable works are 'Mémoires de Bâtards' (Le Dernier Cri, 2008 and 2011) and 'Des Aventures pour les Vrais Bonhommes' (AAARGH!, 2015).

Art by Dav Guedin
'Big Overture d' Espirit'.

As a Fine Arts student, Dav Guedin spent a summer holiday in the North of France, as a supervisor of mentally disabled. He chronicled his sometimes heavy experiences in the comic book trilogy 'Bray-Dunes 99', drawn in cooperation with Craoman (Ed. Taste y Cool, 2009-12). Guedin and Craoman also cooperated on 'Breizhskin', a comic about a group of skinheads in Brittany, and on a variety of other comic stories. In his 2016 graphic novel 'Confessions d'un Puceau', Dav Guedin openly tells about his first sexual encounters.

Art by Dav Guedin

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