from Cracked, by Su Gumen

Sururi "Su" Gumen was one of the top illustator and cartoonists in Turkey for his time. His work appeared in a wide array of magazines, books, newspapers, advertising and movie posters. Sururi became best known in later years as the creator of the comic strip 'Canbaba' in one of Turkey's top dailies, Hurriyet, which he joined in 1949.

Kerry Drake, by Su Gumen

Sururi arrived in the United States in 1955, and the first job he found was one he would remain at for thirty years: ghost-illustrating the comic strip 'Kerry Drake' for Alfred Andriola. Sururi also handled the art of Andriola's other comic strip (with Mel Casson), the short-lived 'It's Me Dilly'. By the mid-1960s, Gumen additionally worked for Charlton Comics, illustrating for their romance and horror lines, as well as the 'David Cassidy' comics.

His major break came with Cracked Magazine, in the early 1970s, where his specialty became illustrating the movie and TV satires. By 1976 he finally received co-credit for his work on the 'Kerry Drake' strip. Toward the end of his career, Sururi broke into the field of advertising storyboards and animatics.

Wonderguy, by Su Gumen

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