Asa-Nisse, by Gosta Gummesson

Gösta Gummesson was born in Växjö. He is best known for drawing the comics version of 'Åsa-Nisse', the hillbilly inventor created by author Stig Cederholm. Gummesson drew the first comics with the character for the weekly magazine Levande Livet in 1955 and continued it for many years in 91:an, starting in 1956.

Lilla Fridolf by Gösta Gummesson

Other series Gummesson work on for 91:an include 'Pellefant' (a character created by Rune Andréasson), 'Lilla Fridolf' (based on a radio series), 'Enok', 'Rock-Jocke' and 'Storknas och Lillknas'. Gummesson continued to draw 'Åsa-Nisse' until 2007. Besides a comic artist, he was also a magician. He passed away in November 2012, at the age of 84.

Asa-Nisse, by Gosta Gummesson

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