Emma och Sara by Joakim Gunnarsson
Emma och Sara by Gunnarsson and Billback

Joakim Gunnarsson has been working as a comic artist since 1991. He has written scripts and done art for 'Bamse' stories, and is also an editor for Bamse magazine. Together with Emma Billbäck he created the comic series 'Emma och Sara' for the girl's magazine Julia between 2001 and 2009. They were assisted by Hedvig Häggman-Sund since 2006. Gunnarsson additionally created the series 'Katten Nils' with Johanna Kristiansson in Kamratposten. The series is also published in Norway in Aftenposten Junior, and was collected in book format in 2012.

Katten Nils by Joakim Gunnarsson
Katten Nils, by Gunnarsson and Kristianson


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