Ben Bowyang, by Alex Gurney (1938)

In the late 1920s, Alex Gurney started selling his first cartoons to the Tasmanian Mail, Melbourne Punch and The Bulletin. In 1926, he published 'Tasmanians Today', a book which brought Gurney to the attention of mainland newspapers. Gurney moved to Sydney, where he freelanced for The Bulletin and developed the first Australian strip based on actual personalities 'Stiffy & Mo'.

Bluey and Curley, by Alex Gurney

In October 1936, Alex Gurney created the daily strip 'Ben Bowyang', based on C.J. Dennis' 'Gunn's Gully' letters. The strip that was to make Gurney famous however, came in 1940 with 'Bluey and Curley', a humor strip about army life. Alex Gurney, acknowledged as one of Australia's finest cartoonists, died of a heart attack in 1955.

Bluey and Curley, by Alex Gurney

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