De avonturen van Piet Guit zijn Klepper en zijn Haust beschuit., door M. Güthschmidt

M. Güthschmidt was the founder of studio Güthschmidt, in 1909 - Holland's oldest commercial advertising studio. He made several sports cartoons for De Sportkroniek in 1916-17 and did commercial posters for products as various as tea, soap, bread, airplane companies and the first electrical appliances. In the 1920s, he drew hundreds of colored pictures for Dutch toast factory Haust, which, along with a strip of text, were packaged with their products Of course, the Haust products were always featured as the main characters in these stories, usually saving the day. In later stories, Güthschmidt even had rabbits eating Haust toast, to which the competition replied: "We don't make animal food."

De Luchtreizen van Rakker en zijn Makker, by M. Güthschmidt
Another commercial Haust comic, by an unknown artist

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