Printerleed, by Sandra de Haan

Sandra de Haan is an artist of comics, infographics, cartoons, characters, logos and linocuts from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She graduated in graphic design from the Willem de Kooning Art Academy in 1992, and has worked as a freelance illustrator since then. Among her clientele are publishing houses of educational material (Malmberg, Noordhoff), specialist journals (Reflex, Jeugd in School en Wereld, Villamedia) and graphic designers.

Peptalk, by Sandra de Haan

In 2002, when illustration jobs were few, she started making her own autobiographical comics. She has published these comics in the Dutch small-press scene and in literary magazine Passionate. She self-published her (semi-)autobiographical work in collections like 'Teevee Blablazee', 'Hokjesdenken' and 'Kreukelzone'. She is also the creator of the cocky fly duo 'Brom & Vlieg', whose adventures have appeared in a couple of mini-comics.

Brom en Vlieg by Sandra de Haan
Brom & Vlieg in Villamedia magazine

Furthermore, Sandra writes music reviews for Zone 5300 since 2004, and she is also a mediator for the Zone 5300 Agency since 2007. She is for hire as a quick-draw artist for businesses and administrations.

Blablazee, by Sandra de Haan

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