Artwork by Tejo Haas

Toon Hezemans is a commercial artist from Heerlen, who has used the pseudonym Tejo Haas since making cartoons for his school newspaper (his pseudonym is now written as Tejohaas). After attending the Maastricht Art Academy and completing an education in New Media, he founded his own multimedia company in Heerlen. In addition, he has been making cartoons for newspapers, magazines and books since 1992. He has been making cartoons, illustrations and comic strips through Tejohaas Productions since 1996, and he started exhibiting his fine art in cities as diverse as Beijing, Bree, Beirut and Bad Aachen since 2000.


In 2001 he made his first multidisciplinary cultural presentation, in which he combined film, music, sports and fine arts. However, cartoons and comic stirps remain a constant in his career. In 2006 he hosted an exposition with Limburg cartoonists like Paul Kusters, Berend Vonk, Joep Bertrams and Ruben L. Oppenheimer. He was head of the kuS art centre in Heerlen from 2006 until 2011. In that year he co-founded Tekeningz with Gady Mirtenbaum and Berend Vonk, a collective of artists for business and cultural events.

Cartoon by Tejo Haas

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