Megg & Mogg by Simon Hanselmann

Simon Hanselmann is a Tasmanian cartoonist and one of the most remarkable contemporary authors of alternative comics. Growing up in Launceston, Tasmania, as the son of a drug-addicted mother, he found comfort in pop culture and art. He started self-publishing booklets at age eight, he eventually started doing comics and playing in noise bands before moving to Australia in early 2008. It was the children's book duo Meg and Mog that paved the way for his webcomic 'Megg, Mogg and Owl', starring a witch, a black cat and an anthropomorphic owl. The strip is serialized weekly on Vice, and appears regularly on the author's Tumblr page, and has gained Hanselmann a wide online following.

Megahex by Simon Hanselmann

Fantagraphics released a large collection of his hilarious and twisted comics, called 'Megahex', in 2014. He is also working on an extensive 1,000 page graphic novel called 'Girl Mountain', that he publishes online since 2005. Hanselmann was nominated for an Ignatz award for his mini-comic 'St.Owl's Bay' in 2013. Simon Hanselmann resides in Melbourne.

Spells by Simon Hanselmann

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