Sven Hardies is a Flemish stand-up comedian who is also active as graphic designer and cartoonist. He draws the superhero parody 'Bosuilman' (2013) for the club magazine of the Flemish association football team F.C. Antwerp. Due to success the comic strip was published in book format in 2019.

Life and career
Sven Hardies was born in 1974 in Deurne. He studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, where, in 2005, he achieved a BA in graphic design. He worked as graphic designer for Neon Plexi, Anthonis and Herva before becoming a freelancer in 2008. On the side, Hardies is active as a stand-up comedian, performing his first evening-long tour, 'Gedomesticeerd', in 2017. The same year, on 3 October 2017, he designed a graffiti mural on one of the walls of the Theater Cartouche in Antwerp to celebrate the new theatrical season. Since 16 March 2012 Hardies has his own YouTube channel, followed by his own Twitter account since May of that same year.

Since 2013 Hardies is active as cartoonist for Royal Antwerp Football Club, the official two-weekly magazine of association football club F.C. Antwerp. He creates one-panel cartoons about current football events and news about the club. His most popular feature is a comic strip, starring the superhero 'Bosuilman' (2013). Bosuilman is a huge supporter of FC Antwerp, but also enjoys a good glass of beer. His name, which literally means "wood owl man", is a reference to the Bosuil Stadion, where the club plays all their home matches. Many of Bosuil's adventures are slightly wacky gag comics, often inspired by recent football news. On 25 June 2019 a compilation of these prepublished (and previously unpublished) comics appeared in book format, under the title 'Bosuilman: cartoons uit het officiële Antwerp clubblad en andere onzin' (Uitgeverij Willems, 2019). The book was released a few weeks later than planned to add some extra cartoons about the club's recent placement for the European Championship Football. If the book becomes a success new comic books starring Bosuilman will be published every football season.

Cover for the official Antwerp club magazine, parodying Eugène Délacroix' painting 'La Liberté Guidant Le Peuple' ('Freedom Leads The People', 1830).

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