Ollie the Alley Cat, by Harry Hargreaves
'Ollie the Alley Cat'.

Harry Hargreaves was born in Manchester in 1922. In 1939, Hargreaves joined the art staff of Kayebon Press, and assisted Hugh McNeill with his 'Pansy Potter' strips for DC Thomson. During the War, he was a volunteer in the RAF, serving in India and Ceylon (nowadays Sri Lanka). After the War, he went to work at Gaumont British Animation (1946-49). In the 1950s, Hargreaves found strip work in children's comics: 'Harold Hare' and 'Ollie the Alley Cat' in the Sun, 'Don Quickshot' in Knockout Fun Book and 'Terry the Troubadour' in TV Comic.

Panda by Harry Hargreaves
'Panda' (Utrechts Nieuwsblad, 29 December 1955).

He then joined Marten Toonder in Amsterdam in 1953 to draw the Dutch newspaper strip 'Panda', which he did for seven years. Hargreaves' run on the strip, together with scriptwriter Lo Hartog van Banda, was very popular and the stories were printed in about 150 newspapers throughout Europe. In 1959, Hargreaves returned to England and did a series featuring a small bird for Punch. Hargreaves' bird appeared in the magazine for 17 years and several book collections have appeared. In 1962, he started drawing cartoons for a local television series. He developed the character 'GoGo the Fox' for television, which became quite popular.

His daily strip 'Hayseeds' started in the London Evening News in 1969 and ran until the mid-1980s. When his strip was discontinued, Harry Hargreaves went into retirement. In England, Hargreaves is best remembered for his illustrations for 'Paddington Bear' books.

Panda, by Harry Hargreaves
'Panda', foreign language version. 

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