Comic for Anarchy Comix, by Clifford Harper (1987)

Clifford Harper is an anarchist underground artist from London. After being expelled from school at age 13, he became an activist in the London squatting and commune scene during the 1960s. A self-taught artist, he became a prolific illustrator for several radical and alternative publications throughout the 1970s. He drew for Undercurrents, Cienfuego Press Anarchist Review, as well has his self-published Class War Comix series. His style developed in the 1980s, becoming more expressionistic. Although made with pen and ink, his art resembles wood or lino carvings. In 1987, he wrote and drew 'Harper's Anarchy, A Graphic Guide' at Camden Press. He is involved with the organisation of the UK's annual Anarchist Bookfair, and several small press projects. He also became a regular cartoonist for the British newspaper The Guardian.

Class War Comix, by Clifford Harper

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