Amazing Mystery, by George Harrison

George Harrison, no relation to the famous Beatle, worked as a comic book artist in the 1940s. In the early 1940s he worked through shops like the Binder Studio and Funnies Inc. Among his early work was 'Dr. Gade' for Timely, 'The Cadet' for Novelty Comics and covers for Lev Gleason and Centaur. He appeared in True Comics (Parents' Magazine Press) under the pen name Harry George.

For Fawcett, he did art on 'Bulletman', 'Captain Midnight' and 'Mary Marvel', as well as inks on 'Spy Smasher' and backgrounds on 'Golden Arrow'. He appeared in Orbit publications like Patches and Taffy Comics, and did art on such Archie Comics features as 'The Black Hood', 'Boy Buddies', 'Captain Commando' and 'The Shield'.

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