Harrongs Cowboy Komikk, by Odd Harrong

Odd Harrong was a Norwegian comedian, singer and comic artist. During the 1950s he was the leading humorous artist of the Norwegian comics industry. In 1937 he studied at the Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry. From 1938 on, he already drew the series 'Bokholder Blidberg' for the Oslo Illustrerte. In the 1950s, he got his own comic book series, such as 'Harrongs Komikk' (1952) and 'Harrongs Cowboy Komikk' (1953). Harrong created various series and characters for these comic books, such as 'Blidberg og Stribert', 'Kjakan', 'Jumbo', 'Samegutten Anti', 'Knokkelmannen', and 'Den Usynlige Mannen'.

Harrongs Komikk, by Odd Harrong

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