art by Sven van der Hart
Comic art by Sven van der Hart. 

Sven van der Hart made his first comic, 'De Bielders', about a hockey team, when he was eleven years old. He studied at the Graphic School in Eindhoven, but left after a year. He moved to Groningen in 1990, where he took up his comic career again for the schoolpaper. He founded the small-press magazine De Stripper, which was awarded with the Stripschapprijs in 2001. In this magazine he could present his own comics, but mostly meet fellow artists. Since then, his talents were noticed by magazines like Foto+Doka, Tina and Taptoe. For Tina, Van der Hart wrote, for instance, the comic 'Ciska'. In 1999, he finished his first comic book of more then nine A4 pages, 'Stoomdroom', which has been awarded the Eindhoven Strip2000 Prize. In 2000 he withdrew from making comics and moved abroad. He now lives in Uxbridge, England, where he is working as illustrator.

Fotostrip by Sven van der Hart
'Fotostrip' (Foto+Doka).

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