Bob Flapi, by Harvec

André Harvec was born in Saint-Nicolas-de-Redon, and published his first cartoons in magazines like À al Roulante, France Europe, Le Mérinos, Ici Paris, Tour à Tour, Inter and L'Humour during the 1940s. Although mainly a cartoonist, he also worked as a comics artist, starting with 'Les Aventures Sportives de Freluquet' in O.K. (1946). He then created 'Bob Flapi, athlète complet' in Pschitt Junior in 1957, a series that was continued in 8 albums published by S.P.E. from 1958 to 1961.

Alban by André Harvec
Alban, Célibataire endurci

He was also present in the national press with 'Monsieur Bidulet' (1961) and 'Mademoiselle Bidulette' (1964), two strips distributed by Intermonde Press. His strip 'Alban, Célibataire endurci' was published in Marius. He additionally made advertising strips for Tintin, featuring 'Monsieur et Madame Esso' in the mid-1950s. Harvec's cartoons appeared in French magazines like France Soir, France Dimanche, Ici Paris, Le Hérisson, Marius, and Jours de France, as well as international publications like Daily Mirror, Die Welt and Le Soir.

Alban by André Harvec

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