What the Kaiser Looks Like, by W. K. Haselden

William Kerridge Haselden is regarded as the father of the British newspaper strip. He was born in Seville, Spain, were his British parents had met. The Haselden family settled in Hampstead, England, after the death of William's fahter in 1874. He was an underwriter at Lloyd's in London for thirteen years, before he started to sell some drawings to publications like The Sovereign, The Tatler and the St. James's Gazette. In 1904, he walked into the office of the Daily Illustrated Mirror with a portfolio of sample cartoons under his arm. The editor was so impressed that he published one the very next day, 'Only Waiting for the Torch'.

Bubbles, by William Kerridge HaseldenIn this newspaper comic strip by William K. Haselden, Kaiser Wilhelm sees the bubble of 'world domination' appear out of the bowl of 'blood and iron' in 1914; then in 1918 the bubble bursts into 'retribution'.

William Haselden's most famous creations first appeared in 1914 under the title 'The Sad Experiences of Big and Little Willie', which were caricatures of England's war-time enemy Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany and his son. They became running characters and the public loved them. A compilation was published in 1915, and the same year the first British tank prototype was called 'Little Willie'.

Haselden was a theatrical caricaturist for Punch magazine between 1906 and 1936. He remained with the Mirror until his retirement in 1940. He died in Aldeburgh, UK, in 1953 at the age of 81.

Occupations for Kaiser Wilhelm, by William Kerridge HaseldenHere are some possible activities of Kaiser Wilhelm after 1918, in this strip by WK Haselden

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