A Kupolavaros titka by Jozsef Haui
A Kupolavaros titka

József Haui is a Hungarian graphic artist, cartoon director and illustrator, born in Komló in 1952. He graduated from the ceramics department of the Art School of Pécs. Later he became an intern with Pannónia Filmstúdió in Kecskemét as a painter.

The cat that walked by himself by Jozsef Haui
The cat that walked by himself

The creator who works fast, precisely and with great artistic intuition soon got promoted and conributed to a great number of cartoons. He was the associate director of the popular cartoon series 'Vízipók-csodapók', and also made two 'Vízipók' comic book albums.

My family and other animals by Jozsef Haui
My family and other animals

His first comics were published in Kecskeméti Szemle. In 1985 Haui began working for Táltos Kiadó where he would produce four comic albums in the following four years. His most popular realist-style comics were the ones based on István Nemere's sci-fi novels 'A kupolaváros titka' ('The secret of the dome city', 1985) and 'Titok a kráter mélyén' ('Secret in the depth of the crater, 1987). His well-known children's comic series is 'Bucó, Szetti, Tacsi' started in 1987 and counts about 10 issues.

Titok a Krater Melyen by Jozsef Haui
Titok a Krater Melyen

Based on the scripts of Ferenc Kiss he has produced comics for Füles too. He has drawn comic adaptations of Sefner's 'A négylábú tyúk' (1996), Kipling's 'A magányosan sétáló macska' ('The cat that walked by himself', 1997) and Durrell's 'Családom és egyéb állatfajták' ('My family and other animals', 1997-98).

Dörmi by Jozsef Haui
Dörmi, the wizard

Haui has also illustrated more than 200 books, mostly for children. In 2010, he began drawing the characters of Dörmögö Dömötör, a popular children's magazine that has been running for more than 50 years.

Jozsef Haui

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