Kate and Carl, by Mary Hays (1918)
'Kate and Karl, The Cranford Kids'. 

Mary A. Hays was an early 20th-century American newspaper comic artist. She created the children's series 'Kate and Karl, the Cranford Kids' (1911-1913), distributed by the Philadelphia North American syndicate.

Life and career
Mary Hays was born in 1898 as the daughter of Margaret Hays. In 24 September 1911 Mary Hays created the newspaper comic 'Kate and Karl, The Cranford Kids' (1911-1913), which ran in the Philadelphia North American. The name of the strip was an inside joke: Fred Crane, the editor of the syndicate, was originally from the town of Cranford in New Jersey. The stories featured two cute little children, Kate and Karl, and their daily adventures in the countryside. 'Kate and Karl, the Cranford Kids' ran until 30 November 1913.

Mary Hays passed away in 1968. 

Kate and Carl, the Cranford Kids, by Mary A. Hays 1911
'Kate and Karl, The Cranford Kids'. 

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