L'Intrepide Legionnaire by George Heath
L' Intrépide Légionnaire (French-Canadian edition of 'A Fortune in the Desert', Le Samedi, 7-11-1953)

George Heath was an artist of adventure serials for Amalgamated Press and D.C. Thomson. Born in Tonbridge, Kent, he was trained as an art teacher and taught at Teddington Art School around 1930. He then became a commercial artist through a London-based agency. He started working on the publications of Amalgamated Press in 1932, starting with 'Forest of Fear' in Funny Wonder and 'The Young Adventurers' in Larks.

Throughout the 1930s he produced adventure serials for the AP penny titles, such as 'Sacred Eye of Satpura' in Funny Wonder, 'James Cagney' in Larks, 'Two True Friends' in Crackers and 'Clark Gable' in Radio Fun. In the 1940s he drew the funny features 'Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon' and 'Western Brothers' in Radio Fun. He is best known for his feature 'The Falcon', which started in Radio Fun in 1947 and ran until 1961.

Heath furthermore contributed to Jingles ('Cowboy Charlie', 1952), Tip Top ('Rivals of the Spanish Main', 1948) and TV Fun ('The Undersea Pirates', 1961). He turned to D.C. Thomson in the 1960s, working on war and picture serials like 'The Roll-Along Logans' in 1962, 'Front Page Ferguson' in 1967 and 'The Rainbow Boys' in 1968, published in Victor and Hotspur. He was the father of newspaper cartoonist Michael Heath.

The Sacred Eye of Satpura by Georg Heath

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