Mouchette by Julien Hebert
'Mouchette' (29 October 1950).

Julien Hébert was a French-Canadian industrial designer. Born in Rigaud, he studied at the Massachussets Institute of Technology, and then studied sculpting at the School of Fine Arts in Montréal, and also in Paris (1947-48). In addition to his artistic studies, he also graduated in philosophy. During his studies, he cooperated with the magazine François.

Mouchette by Julien Hebert

He drew several comic series at the same time, inclucing the mischievous girl 'Mouchette', the sports strip 'L'As des Montagnes', the Indian comic 'Le Dernier des Saute-à-Pic', 'Les Loups-garous de Beachâtel', a comic about werewolves, and the African adventure series 'Yves L'Aventurier'. 'Mouchette' also appeared in the Montréal weekly Le Petit Journal in the early 1950s.

Julien Hebert
Julien Hébert with his Expo '67 logo.

As a designer he is best known for creating the logo of the Montreal World Exposition in 1967. He was also a teacher in art history and sculpting at several schools.

Mouchette by Julien Hebert
'Mouchette' (4 November 1951).

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