Hell is the pseudonym of an obscure and mysterious Belgian amateur comic artist. During the late 1940s, he made some gag comics ('Jefke', 'Soldaat Snobbel') and illustrations for the military magazine De Granaat. Nothing else is known about his identity.

Life and career
The Belgian military magazine De Granaat (literal translation: "The Grenade") is the official house magazine of the grenadier regiment. In at least 1948 and 1949 the magazine featured artwork by a mysterious cartoonist signing with "Hell.". Hell made cover illustrations, designed headers and drew little doodles to accompany a poetry page. The artist additionally drew one-panel gag cartoons, but also two gag comic strips, namely 'Jefke' and 'Soldaat Snobbel'. 'Jefke' revolves around a black-haired, self-important corporal who often gets the lid on his own nose. 'Soldaat Snobbel' stars a well-meaning but foolish soldier.

Nothing is known about Hell, not even his real name. It is safe to assume that he was Flemish, seeing that his comics appeared in the Dutch language. His artwork was primitive, proving he was a plain amateur, who maybe fulfilled his military service in 1948-1949? The drawings reveal influence from Willy Vandersteen, whose comics became extraordinarily popular in Flanders during this decade. Hell's pseudonym could refer to the English word for the Inferno (and maybe hint at the artist's sentiments about military life), but it can also be an abbreviation of the cartoonist's full name, since the signature ends with a dot.

Either way, his identity remains mysterious. It is unknown whether Hell in his later life has returned to cartooning for more mainstream newspapers or magazines.

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