Benjamin Croquette, by Albo Helm
Benjamin Croquette (FNV magazine 1992-93)

Albo Helm was born in Zürich, Switzerland. He is a self-made comic artist with a degree in journalism. Helm's work has appeared widely in many publications since the 1970s. He published his first comics in the ecological magazine De Kleine Aarde. Since then, he has drawn for underground and alternative publications like Tante Leny Presenteert, Talent and Zone 5300. He has drawn several series for the children's page of newspaper Trouw, including 'Klara 17', 'Woest & Bijster' en 'Cancan'. For a period of 25 years, he contributed comics and cartoons to the Utrecht University magazine, and he has drawn biographical comics for educational books.

Stem, from De Inktpot, by Albo Helm
De Inktpot (February 2006)

In the early 1990s he published the gag strip 'Benjamin Croquette' in FNV Magazine. The character now appears as a weekly web comic on Helm has published the following comic books: 'Schmerz Comix' (1978), 'Antitod 1', '1290 Comix' and 'WoordOp!' (2003), and he has contributed to anthologies like 'The Bush Junta' (2004) and 'Strips in Stereo'. His political strips and cartoons appear regularly in magazine Ravage and in the newspapers Trouw, Stadskrant Utrecht and Utrechts Nieuwsblad. He also draws for Vrij Nederland, AD and De Volkskrant.

Wurzeln, art by Albo Helm (Zone 5300 #4 1999)
Wurzeln (Zone 5300 #4 1999)

He co-founded comic artists organization NuKomix in 2000, and magazine De Inktpot in 2003, of which 14 issues have appeared. Apart from making comics, Albo Helm also works as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. He writes reviews of graphical soft- and hardware for MacFan. He lives in Utrecht, in the center of The Netherlands, where he is also one of the driving forces behind the annual Cartoon Art Fair (KunstStripBeurs).

comic by Albo Helm from Straatnieuws #13, 2007
comic from Straatnieuws #13, 2007

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