The Grumble, by Teny Henson
The Grumble (House of Mystery #262, 1978)

Teny Henson worked in Filipino comics like Takaw Ligaw, Liwayway, Pinoy Komiks and Love Story during the 1960s and 1970s. Around the mid-1970s, he went to work for the US market, drawing for such DC titles as 'G.I. Combat', 'Ghosts', 'House of Mystery', 'The Unexpected', 'Weird War Tales' and 'Secrets of Haunted House' until the mid-1980s.

from Takawligaw, by Teny Henson (1964)

He then went into animation, and has cooperated as a storyboard and lay-out artist on 'Animaniacs', 'X-Men' and 'Tiny Toons'. Most of his American credits spell his name Tenny Henson.

comic art by Teny Henson

The Philippine Comics Art Museum

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