Strip for Q8, by Auke Herrema

Auke Herrema was born in Frisia, The Netherlands in 1956. He studied architecture in Delft and graduated in 1983. Since there were not many jobs in architecture at that time, he became a freelance illustrator and writer. He made his comics debut in 1981, with 'Het is altijd wat'. A year later, he published 'Roze Herfst'. 'Slechte Tijden om te Sterven' appeared in 1988. In 1989, he made the comic 'Een Kleine Verbouwing', published at Loempia and graphically influenced by Joost Swarte. Auke Herrema also makes comics, cartoons and strips for several magazines and companies.

Een Kleine Verbouwing, by Auke Herrema 1989

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