De Avonturen van Pé, by Wam Heskes

Wam Heskes was a Dutch painter, watercolor artist, comic artist, illustrator and performer. He studied at the ABK in Rotterdam, and lived in Italy from 1912 to 1914, where he further developed his artistic talents. He is mainly known for his portraits and his illustrations for De Radiobode, De Zakenwereld, Het Leven and Algemeen Handelsblad. 

Flip en Flop, by Wam Heskes

Just like Harmsen van Beek, Heskes has made a comic in the film format (the so-called "rolprent"), with his characters 'Flip en Flop' (text by C. Joh. Kievit). Among his other comics productions are an adaptation of 'Reinaart de Vos' (1922), some independent stories for the magazine Astra (1923), 'De Avonturen van Pé' in the promotional magazine of SPAR (1929), and 'De Beklimming van de Poermanpatsja' in De Radiobode (1930).

De Beklimming van de Poermanpatsja, by Wam Heskes

comic art by Wam Heskes

comic art by Wam Heskes

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