De Ontdekking by Eric Heuvel
De Ontdekking

Eric Heuvel is a Dutch Clear Line artist, best known for his series 'January Jones' and his educational comics about World War II. Born in Amsterdam, Heuvel worked as a customs officer between 1983 and 1997 before turning to comics fulltime. Heuvel drew his first comics in the 1980s, drawing 'SF-Terra' and some contributions to fanzines like Krest, Rebel Comics and Yèch. He made his professional debut in 1986 with 'January Jones', a comic about a female pilot in the 1930s. The series was written by Martin Lodewijk, published in Sjosji magazine and collected in book format by Big Balloon between 1987 and 1995.

Bud Broadway, by Eric Heuvel
Bud Broadway

Eric has also been working on the project of adapting the television comedy 'Toen was geluk nog heel gewoon', into comic format for Studio and Mikro Gids. His classical text strip 'Bud Broadway', for which he also wrote the scripts, was serialized in Algemeen Dagblad from the mid 1990s until 2000. This newspaper also picked up his next strip, 'Het Geheim van de Tijd' ('The Secret of the Time'), written by Frits Jonker, in March 2003.

De Ontdekking, by Eric Heuvel
De Ontdekking

As a commercial aritst, Heuvel has made comics for the annual reports of the Blokker Holding, advertising strips for Reaal, and a comic for the Dutch public transport company (GVB) in Amsterdam. In the early 1990s he made the comic strip 'Bos & Beemd' with Hanco Kolk for the military magazine Appèl. Eric, who studied to become a history teacher from 2001 to 2003, also made educational comic pages about World War II for the Anne Frank Foundation, that were published in the Anne Frank Krant. This eventually evolved into 'De Ontdekking', Eric's educational comic about the occupation of Holland during World War II.

De Zoektocht by Eric Heuvel
De Zoektocht

'De Ontdekking' was published in cooperation with the Anne Frank Foundation in February 2003 and got wide media attention. Heuvel made a follow-up in 2007 that dealt with the Holocaust in general, called 'De Zoektocht'. He finished his World War II trilogy with 'De Terugkeer', about the Dutch Indies during the war. Heuvel continued with 'Frontstad Rotterdam', an oblong comic about the bombing of Rotterdam in 1940, created in commission of the War-Resistance Museum in Rotterdam. Other educational comic projects include 'De Zaak Sven' (about stalking) and 'Lila & Kross', a comic for the Amsterdam Public Transport Company written by Patty Klein.

Bureau Warmoestraat, by Eric Heuvel
Bureau Warmoesstraat

In 2007, Eric made the newspaper strip 'Bureau Warmoesstraat' in cooperation with ex-police officer Piet Middelkoop in Het Parool. The series consisted of comic adaptations of real anecdotes about the notorious Warmoesstraat police station in the 1980s. Heuvel was also present in the relaunched Eppo magazine with a new 'January Jones' story (2009) and 'Alleen Op De Wereld', a new comic written by Rob van Bavel. Since 2012 he also makes a comic called 'Carbeau, Barones & Bolides' with Noël Ummels. The comic was originally published in Autoweek, but it is published in Eppo since 2014. For Samsam, a monthly about children in development countries, Heuvel has made the comics serial 'Tjin & Charlie' with Mirjam Bonting in 2014-2015.

In 2016, he was one of the six Dutch artists to draw a comic book starring Willy Vandersteen's 'Suske en Wiske' for S.O.S. Kinderdorpen, based on a story by a Dutch celebrity. Heuvel made the story 'De Schaal van Moraal' with TV host Wilfred Genee.

Kees Kousemaker welcomes Eric Heuvel to Galerie Lambiek in March 2003
Kees Kousemaker welcomed Eric Heuvel to Lambiek
for a signing of 'De Ontdekking' on 15 March 2003.

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