Domenica, by Peter G. Heydenreich

Peter G. Heydenreich started his comic career drawing for various humorous publications. He became one of the best Danish satirical cartoonists, and one of the most productive comic creators. After a promising debut in 1986, Heydenreich started the comic series 'Eddie' in the newspaper B.T. This series, drawn in a New Wave style, was about what happens to a hero when he gets old. This ironic attitude toward a hard-boiled detective can also be seen in his series 'Colt', which started in 1988. In that same year, he illustrated Morten Hesseldahl's hard-boiled thriller 'Panik', which was followed in 1990 by 'Domenica'.

Panik! by Peter HeydenreichStarfighter by Peter Heydenreich

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