Bruce Nelson, by Tom Hickey
Bruce Nelson: The Claws of the Dragon Pt. 3 (Detective Comics 3, 1937)

Tom Hickey was educated at the National Academy of Design and worked as a teacher at the WPA in Manhattan in the 1930s. He was active in comic book art since the mid-1930s. For National/DC, he worked on features like 'Wing Brady', 'The Golden Dragon', 'Bruce Nelson', 'Brad Hardy' and 'Mark Marson' in the second half of the 1930s. He then worked extensively for Dell Publications in the 1940s, doing 'Rex, King of the Deep', 'Raja Bill', 'Tom and Jerry' (based on the creations by Hanna & Barbera) , 'Tom Beatty' and 'Keeto'.

 by Tom Hickey

Other work during this period included 'Sky Blazers' for Hawley, 'Kid Click' for US Camera adn 'Miss America' for Quality Comics. In the 1950s he became a romance title artist for Harvey Comics and Lev Gleason. He also had a brief syndicated strip called 'Slapsie' in 1958. Hickey also did film strips for Bob Clarke and worked as a storyboarder for commercials.

cover by Tom Hickey

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