'The Witch's Brats' (Judy #920).

Bert Hill is a British artist, specialized in artwork for the British girls' comics, most notably Judy. He has also worked for magazine Tina from the Netherlands, for which he drew the series 'Louis en Louise' (1988-2000).

Not much is known about Hill's life. He was one of many artists illustrating the primarilly melodramatic and romantic comics serials in British girls' comics in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. These included such titles as DC Thomson's Judy (and Tracy), Bunty and Mandy (and Judy), and IPC's Tammy and Princess. Hill has tackled nearly all of the popular story types of the British girls comic books. Orphans, foster girls, jealous vixens, horses... have all come from his drawing pen.

British work
In 'Lonely Lotty' (Judy, 1982), 'Their Darling Daughter' (Princess, 1983) and 'Break-Up!' (Judy, 1989) innocent girls are victims of spiteful schemers who try to get rid of another girl by teasing her or bringing her in discredit. 'Hard Times for Helen' (Judy, 1984-1985) stars an unlucky girl who has to compete in popularity with her mother. Other stories deal with unsupported friendships, like in 'Don't Talk to Debbie' (Judy, 1987), or the many adventures one can have during a holiday job, such as 'Leave It to Lynne' (Bunty, 1990). Supernatural themes are present in Hill stories like 'The Witch's Brats' (Judy, 1977), 'The Fish Twins' (Judy, 1981), 'Marigold and the Three Bears' (Mandy, 1988) and 'Sally's Secret' (Mandy and Judy, 1993), while 'Search the World Over' (Judy, 1981) and 'Deadline for Cora' (Judy, 1983) were historically themed. To name but a few...

'Lonely' (Mandy and Judy, 1992).

Work for Tina in the Netherlands
Many of Hill's colleagues at these magazines were Spanish studio artists affiliated with the London-based agency Creaciones Editoriales managed by Luis Llorente. Hill and several British scriptwriters were also represented by Creaciones for their international work, most notably for the Dutch girls' magazine Tina. While Tina reprinted much of Hill's British work, Hill also drew for the magazine directly. His most notable contribution was 'Louis en Louise' (1988-2000), an historical series by Patty Klein about two upperclass children who flee from their stiff upbringing and have the wildest adventures. Hill furthermore illustrated several independent short stories for Tina, as well as three stories with the ballerina 'Isabel' (1992-1993, named Nanette in English) with writer Norman Worker.

Homonym confusion
The girls' comic artist Bert Hill should not be confused with the Bert Hill (1901-1986) who worked for several British story papers of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.

'Louis en Louise' (Tina #14, 1988).

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