comic art by Petri Hiltunen, 2000

Petri Hiltunen was born in Karkkila, Finland in 1967. He has created comics such as 'Hysteria' (1987), 'Ontot kukkulat' (1995), 'Vala auringolle' (1997), 'Praedor: Kuninkaan lapset' (1998), 'Macbeth' (1999) and 'Aavetanssi' (2000). He also created the newspaper strip 'Väinämöisen paluu' and made illustrations of characters like Conan, Elric and Tarzan. He developed the role playing game Praedor in 2000. His comic strip 'Rocket Reynolds' was a parody of the British comic 'Jet-Ace Logan', which was created by Geoff Campion and Mike Butterworth.

comic art by Petri Hiltunen

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