'Tessie Tish' with 'Charlie Chirps' in the Brooklyn Sunday Star of 27 November 1927.

Louise Hirsch was an American cartoonist, responsible for the weekly newspaper comic strip 'Tessie Tish' (1927-1928). She was the first wife of Jerry Iger.

Early life and background
Hirsch was born in 1901 in Romania into a family of Jewish ancestry. Her father Harry Hirsch was born in 1878 and her mother Toby Hirsch in 1880. The Hirsh family came to the United States in 1905 and settled in Brooklyn. Louise's father worked as assistant manager of a Mail Order Business.

Tessie Tish
Louise Hirsch's weekly comic strip about the clever country girl 'Tessie Tish' was distributed to newspapers between at least October 1927 until 19 July 1928 through the New York-based Paramount Newspaper Feature Service (a.k.a. PNF Service). Even though the gag-a-day strip appeared in the Sunday papers, it was presented in black-and-white dailies format. At the end of each strip, a non-related single panel was added featuring a wisecrack by a character called 'Charlie Chirps'.

'Tessie Tish' with 'Charlie Chirps' in The Brooklyn Eagle of 30 October 1927.

Jerry Iger
On 1 December 1927, the Brooklyn Sunday Star reported that their cartoonists Louise Hirsch and Sam Iger were engaged. Iger was also known as Jerry Iger, and would later run one of the first comic book production studios with his business partner Will Eisner. The couple got married in Brooklyn on 14 October 1928. The marriage didn't last. Will Eisner later remembered that Iger was embroiled in a divorce during the beginning of their collaboration. It withheld him from investing in a new and uncertain enterprise. Considering Iger and Eisner's association began in 1936-1937, the couple broke probably broke up in that time period. No further whereabouts of Louise Hirsch are known.

Announcement of the engagement between Louise Hirsch and Sam Iger.

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