'Poh & Slim, Droomdetectives' (Maxix #14, April 2022).

Ralf van der Hoeven is a Dutch comic artist and illustrator, who has been working with a variety of Dutch and Belgian publishers and publications since 2009. He has provided cover illustrations and story art to publications by Dark Dragon Books and Reboot Comics, co-created the fantasy comic 'TrolTrol' (Lakoro, 2017) and drawn the comic feature 'Poh en Slim' for Maxix magazine (2021). In 2022, he experienced his national breakthrough with the comic book adaptation of the Carry Slee youth novel 'Spijt!' (Overamstel, 2022), made in collaboration with writer Ahmad Resh.

TrolTrol #1 - 'Hier Zijn We Dan!' (2019).

Early life and career
Ralf Van der Hoeven was born in 1982 in IJsselstein, not far from the central city of Utrecht. Between 2002 and 2006, he studied Illustration at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU). Based in IJsselstein, he has been combining his freelance art assignments with working a dayjob at a cleaning service. Around 2009, Van der Hoeven's art became noted in the Dutch and Flemish comic scene, starting with two short stories for P@per magazine, the supplement of the comic news periodical Brabant Strip Magazine. In the following years, he provided fantasy-oriented illustrations to the 'Pure Fantasy 18+' anthology (2010) and other clients. Since 2011, Dark Dragon Books has regularly hired him to make cover illustrations and art prints for the special convention editions of their comic books, such as the 'Conan' and 'Lady Mechanica' titles.

'9 Tails - The Chronicles of the Red Sphynx' (2021).

In 2017, Van der Hoeven teamed up with the Belgian comics fan and entrepeneur Dominiek Vermandere to create the humorous fantasy adventure comic series 'TrolTrol'. Written by Vermandere and drawn by Van der Hoeven, the comic's first volume initially had a digital-only release, until the print edition appeared through the authors' own Lakoro imprint in 2019. Two years later, Van der Hoeven also joined Reboot Comics, a new Dutch publishing imprint initiated by Leon Verhoeven. Along with Irene Berbee, Romano Molenaar, Johan Neefjes and other artists, he has been contributing story art to Reboot's superhero anthology series '9 Tails - The Chronicles of the Red Sphynx' (2021- ). Around the same time, he also began contributing to Maxix magazine in collaboration with the scriptwriters Ger Apeldoorn and Willem Ritstier. Their feature 'Poh & Slim, Droomdetectives' (2022- ) stars two detectives in 1960s San Francisco, whose investigations lead them to other dreamlike realities.

In 2022, Van der Hoeven was also the artist of a comic book adaptation of 'Spijt!', a classic Dutch youth novel by Carry Slee about the terrors of school bullying. Initiated and written by Ahmad Resh, the comic book version was published by Overamstel Uitgevers during the "Week Against Bullying" in September 2022, receiving much national press coverage.

'Spijt!' (2022).

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