Buffalo Bill, by Fred Holmes

As with a lot of comic strip artists, Frederick "Fred" T. Holmes began drawing at an early age. In 1923, at the age of 15, Holmes began to send sketches to the Birmingham Weekly Post. By the late 1930s, he was working full time for the Post, drawing cartoon jokes, comic strips and illustrations. Holmes eventually decided to put his talent to a more worthwhile purpose and took a position as staff artist for Drummonds. The firm went bankrupt however, and Holmes had to apply for a new job. He was accepted immediately and asked to illustrate a serial in Film Fun. This led to a commission for another comic magazine Comet. From 1953, Holmes was illustrating 'Claude Duval' and 'Buffalo Bill' for Comet, 'Billy the Kid' for the Sun and 'Carson's Cubs' for Lion. Suffering from bad asthma, Fred Holmes was forced to retire in the mid-1970s.

comic art by Fred Holmescomic art by Fred Holmes

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