Little Dead-Eye Dick by Charles Holt

Charles Holt was a British comic artist and one of the original contributors to D.C. Thomson's Beano since 1938. His comic strip 'Little Dead-Eye Dick' ran in the magazine in 1938 and in 1949-1950. He was the original artist of 'Uncle Windbag' (1938, 1950) and 'Swanky Lanky Liz' (1948-49), the latter becoming a part of the 'Lord Snooty' strip in 1950. Holt was also the original artist for 'Our Ernie' in Knock-Out in 1939.

Gros Jean le Marin by CR Holt
"Gros Jean le Marin" (Canadian version) by C. R. Holt (is this Charles Holt?)

Is it possible that Holt is also the author behind the pantomime comic strip about a sailor, which is signed C.R. Holt? It appeared in at least in the Flemish daily Nieuws van den Dag' as 'Simbad de Zeeman' in 1948-1949 and in the Québec City Sunday comic section of Le Soleil as 'Gros Jean le Marin' in March and April 1950.

Simbad de Zeeman by C.R. Holt
"Gros Jean le Marin" (Canadian version) by C. R. Holt

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